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Fitness Training

I never realized how strong my body was, or how much I enjoyed strength training, until I had the pleasure of working with her.  She held my hand while figuring out a meal plan, macro count and workout plan that worked for my busy lifestyle.  Kristen always took the time to explain the "why" behind what we were doing, and wasn't afraid to do additional research when requested.  Kristen is a thoughtful and motivating professional whom I highly recommend to anyone looking to take control of their health and fitness journey.

Corrie M.

Outdoor Fitness

I am super passionate about health and fitness but needed more knowledge and a change as I felt my results had plateaued.  Kristen worked with me on a daily basis to help teach and guide my fitness journey.  Kristen encouraged me to move passed my personal barriers and guided me to better overall fitness and strength. I am grateful for our guidance, the confidence and knowledge I have gained because of this experience and recommend her to everyone.

Sarah N.

Fit Man

Kristen is a fantastic trainer and is exactly what I needed to get the motivation to get back in shape physically and mentally.  It’s easy to convince yourself you cannot be more or do more.  Kristen helps you see from a different perspective; she challenges you and sees you through every step of the day ensuring the best results for all her clients.

Glen F.

Image by Kelly Sikkema


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